Portrait paintings – 30 Faces 30 Days: days 6 to 10


Next five from the Sktchy portrait challenge (#30Faces30Days) using watercolors and gouache.

You can follow my portrait challenge journey each day in instagram (@shoilaart) and I will post here mainly a summary on previous five days.

All practices again were fun and challenging, but maybe the most mind blowing for me was the day 8 with Milind Mulick with the strong and loose watercolor challenge (fourth image of a man) and also the expressive gouache trial on day 9 with Nicolai Gánichev (last image).

There was again three watercolor trials and two gouache practices. There was with water color nice layering, blending practices and use of strong and vibrant colors. With gouache as well layering from more watery layers to more thick mixtures, blending final pigmented layers and being bit more expressive rather than just copying what you see. Overall, quite similar topics in all lessons, with their own twist 🙂

Final images:

I also finished yesterday my paintings for the coming exhibition and dropped them off to the museum. I also have few acrylic paintings on the way for the university painting course, for which we had a painting weekend this week. (luckily we could have actual class this time, instead of just zoom)

So far participating to the portrait challenge, almost daily, has been quite fun and what is important, actually doable if I just set the time for it. I am just a liiiittle bit behind at this point due to above mentioned other activities 😀 so I have a bit catching up to do.


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  1. Lovely portraits Soila!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. soila says:

      thanks Louise! 🙂


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