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Paper collages and interior

Hmm, some unusual stuff for a change. At least unusual for me, mixed media paper collages and crafting! These are again for the art studies, an assignment for two paper silhouette pieces and a little interior box. The paper silhouette pieces are not that complex or beautiful as paper collages can be, with layers and

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Varnishing trial

I am ready, or I thought I am, to start varnishing a few pieces for group exhibition. I got this idea that I actually want to add a little bit of soft pastel to the images, to brighten and texture some places. Thus I wanted to verify how the pastel would look with the same

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Building Bug Hotels

A little tinkering we did yesterday, building bug hotels. Nothing artistic, did not paint or decorate these at all, so random post on bug hotels 😀 There is a campaign #pelastapörriäinen in Finland with a page where you can mark your good deeds done to help pollinators. Translation from yle site post: The number of

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Painting stone critters

Painted stone

A little silliness, but hopefully conjuring a bit of happiness to random people. So, I’ve been painting some little stone critters that I will spread around into the nearby forest trails. The little beings are free to take or just marvel. I used my new bling bling Coliro water colors to paint some veins or

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