Portrait paintings – 30 Faces 30 Days: days 26 to 30

The last five! Portrait paintings from the Sktchy portrait challenge (#30Faces30Days) using watercolors and gouache.

This time there was more gouache than watercolor lessons, mainly since I did not proceed with the watercolor and gesso experiment but opted to use just gouache instead.

This time the watercolor studies were a bit more struggle, don’t know why. At least on last day (third image) I was not that well prepared, rushed a bit, ended up fixing and destroying 😀 the other watercolor (first) was more light, not as strong color and layering, but still it was a hard day. I really enjoyed the different gouache studies, did not worry much on layering or correctness as I can just repaint over again.

Maybe something said of the rush last five days, with the fact that I apparently did not even take any work in progress shots either 😀

Finished paintings:

The second and third are watercolor and the rest gouache.

Now I really enjoyed the gouache, but maybe due to having hard time with watercolor? All the lessons were interesting as well as the muses. (only one lady this week! and I usually have only painted women 😀 Might have to change that.)

Overall, quite interesting ride, days went by so fast! I will mull over what I’ve learnt and do some other portrait paintings with techniques and mediums I see fit for me, and the painting at hand.


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