Portrait paintings – 30 Faces 30 Days: days 11 to 15

Gee, time is flying by and I am already behind with the sessions 😀 but yet another new five from the Sktchy portrait challenge (#30Faces30Days) using watercolors and gouache.

This time there was four watercolor paintings and one gouache (acrylic gouache) session.

Quite different artists again and different approaches to watercolor and gouache in their own styles. Again fun practices and differing references.

Finished paintings:

First two are watercolors, first with also some white gel pen and colored pencils (and white watercolor). Third is an acrylic gouache painting, fourth again purely a watercolor painting and the fifth is more heavily a mixed media with colored pencils and white pastel pencil on toned paper.

I liked the mixed media approach in the first and last paintings and the fourth watercolor painting session with strong shadow layers was challenging but surprisingly fun and relaxed.

To be continued, and I need to catch up this weekend.. 😛


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