Watercolor painting – Golden Marsh-marigold

So here is the other finished watercolor painting of the bright yellow marsh-marigolds. This is a continuation to my aquatic series.

I was inspired by a stream next to a road where there was huge bundles of marsh-marigolds almost everywhere along the stream. The flowers were bright yellow against the quite dark and murky surrounding.

For the painting I made the water a bit brighter, without trees covering the stream and with bright blue sky and hint of a warm sunny day. I made this fully using watercolors; pans, tubes and watercolor pencils. (and in this I worked the background washes around the flowers, no masking fluid used like in the second painting of the same topic)

Finished piece:

Golden Marsh-marigold (2020)
Golden Marsh-marigold (2020) – watercolor on white paper. Canson Moulin Du Roy, Hot pressed (30x40cm, 300GSM)

This painting is currently in a group exhibition, ‘Kimmokkeita’ with a few other of the aquatic paintings (the waterlilies).

  • Exhibition during: 26.6.-12.7.2020, at Kulttuuripappila Sylvi


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