Watercolor painting – Summer Lily

New waterlily painting from this summer. This time I went to take some photos at summer cottage on a row boat. It was a bit later in the afternoon and the sun was shining beautifully in the water, making the bit murky water shine in oranges from my angle when I was dangling in the…

Watercolor painting – Golden Marsh-marigold

So here is the other finished watercolor painting of the bright yellow marsh-marigolds. This is a continuation to my aquatic series. I was inspired by a stream next to a road where there was huge bundles of marsh-marigolds almost everywhere along the stream. The flowers were bright yellow against the quite dark and murky surrounding….

Oops I did it again – masking fluid fun

Yes. I managed to do it again. Even though I used different (schmincke) blue masking fluid than what I previously used and on a different paper (I now used my last sheet of Canson Moulin Du Roy, Hot pressed). (Water color painting – Forest spirit) I was a bit hesitant whether I want to mask…

Watercolor flower painting on panel with watercolor ground

First painting I made on the panel prepared with watercolor ground, was a pink waterlily, The Queen of the Lake. I wanted to use the vibrant Daniel Smith watercolor tubes I had purchased earlier. I was so smitten by the awesome and bright Opera Pink that I wanted to make the pink waterlily painting first….