Oops I did it again – masking fluid fun

Yes. I managed to do it again. Even though I used different (schmincke) blue masking fluid than what I previously used and on a different paper (I now used my last sheet of Canson Moulin Du Roy, Hot pressed). (Water color painting – Forest spirit)

I was a bit hesitant whether I want to mask the flowers safe so that I can do quick background washes, or should I just work my way around the flowers. I chose to give masking fluid a try.

I used the masking fluid on dry paper and removed the fluid after paper was dry after painting. Or so I think at least.

I also used some magic tape on the bigger areas so I used masking fluid only on the surrounding edge areas.

You can see that the tape left quite nicely but the masking fluid tore the paper.

The transparent Scotch Magic tape I can really recommend, it is quite nice to use. Blow drier can be used to warm the tape a bit and then remove it easy breezy. You could also use the tape to cover all areas and cut excess tape using an exacto knife. The edges can be secured with narrow lines of masking fluid also to prevent color from seeping under the tape.

Since the paper surface was quite ruined, I decided to switch to mixed media. This time not gouache as I wanted to give my Golden fluid acrylics a go. I colored the flowers using diluted acrylics and did some detailing with Luminance colored pencils.

I have not used acrylics in ages, so the color drying on the plate was a bit annoying as it was unusable after that (not like with watercolor and gouache I can just rewet the paint). I was also intrigued to see how well colorpencils could be used over the acrylics and at least with the diluted acrylics it was ok.

Finished piece:

Goldies (2020) – mixed media on white paper. Canson Moulin Du Roy, Hot pressed (30x40cm, 300GSM)

(This was a second take on marsh-marigold, I have yet to post the first one. It is currently waiting for group exhibition with some of my older waterlily and the recent wooden panel paintings)


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