Watercolor painting – Summer Lily

New waterlily painting from this summer. This time I went to take some photos at summer cottage on a row boat. It was a bit later in the afternoon and the sun was shining beautifully in the water, making the bit murky water shine in oranges from my angle when I was dangling in the…

Watercolor painting – Golden Marsh-marigold

So here is the other finished watercolor painting of the bright yellow marsh-marigolds. This is a continuation to my aquatic series. I was inspired by a stream next to a road where there was huge bundles of marsh-marigolds almost everywhere along the stream. The flowers were bright yellow against the quite dark and murky surrounding….

Oops I did it again – masking fluid fun

Yes. I managed to do it again. Even though I used different (schmincke) blue masking fluid than what I previously used and on a different paper (I now used my last sheet of Canson Moulin Du Roy, Hot pressed). (Water color painting – Forest spirit) I was a bit hesitant whether I want to mask…

Watercolor painting –  water knotweed

Continuing painting practices with aquatic plants and water colors. Actually a bit of mixed media, as I used also color pencils on the plants. (Paper: Canson Moulin Du Roy, 30x40cm (300g))

Watercolor painting –  Waterlilies in the evening

Additional work during the painting course, studies in different times of the day. Waterlilies during the evening, starting to curl back into the water. Painted using watercolors and from photo reference. References: (Paper: Canson Moulin Du Roy, 30x40cm (300g))