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Printmaking – water based woodblock printing

Wood block printing, water color

Alrighty! Some results of my perhaps-to-be-continued-home-experiments with water based woodblock printing. Carving:I made two two sided blocks for the printing. One for the background with some carving (part of the flowers and leaves to be left out of printing), own for flowers, leaves and last the vines/branches. I have to say that it would be

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Printmaking – Woodblock printing (Fern, part 2 of 2)

It is finished! I decided to use just light green in first print and then in second reprint covering just the biggest fern in sap green mixed with my lighter mix. The light green did not pop much out of the different backgrounds, but in the red background it seems almost metallic shiny. In total

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Printmaking – Drypoint

On the second day of the weekend session we used drypoint engraving method where the design to be printed is scratched into a copperplate with a sharply pointed instrument. We used the same motif as previous day, but the new observation drawing was done straight to the copper plate, no paper sketching. I ran a

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