Printmaking – Drypoint


On the second day of the weekend session we used drypoint engraving method where the design to be printed is scratched into a copperplate with a sharply pointed instrument.


We used the same motif as previous day, but the new observation drawing was done straight to the copper plate, no paper sketching. I ran a bit out of time, I suppose we all did, so I did not manage to scratch all places I intended and also some places got way too deep. Would’ve wanted to work it a bit more.. just a bit to make the flowers the lightest part and rest slightly darker but prints were made with what ever we managed to scratch in given time.


This was a nice technique, although it required a lot of preparations for the plate prior to starting the scratching (filing all the edges,
rounding corners,

cleaning plate and preparing the surface).


I like the shiny copper plate more than my prints 😀

(I hope it does not get destroyed as we work the other side of the plate in other session)

Hahnemühle watercolor paper

cut to pieces)


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