Printmaking – Etching


The last print making course day and last technique. An etching using dried plants. This was quite fun and rewarding. All the details on everyone’s pieces was amazing.

The above pink version was my last (third) print so I perfected the printing, at least compared to the earlier runs. I cleaned the plate the best I have ever done, also compared to earlier dry point or carborundum pieces. I fixed after first run some places with dry point, which however turned a tad too deep so for the last piece I tried cleaning more of the ink off from those spots. I am quite happy with the print, even though the design is not that perfect and the plants could have been more interesting and/or larger pieces.

Making of:

(the prepared plate with plants, plate after ‘printing’ the plants and masking, plate dipped to acid, and clean etched plate)


When inking the plate it was quite hard to see is there enough or any ink left, but once printed, wow, all the details of the plants, there it is. This was quite fun and hey, I like plants and nature so perfect theme.

The first (black & white) and second (green) prints:


And a close up on the pink print:


(paper: Hahnemühle watercolor paper cut to pieces)


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