Painting loose – flowers

Recently I’ve been reading quite a few art related websites, books and watched videos in YouTube or patreon. One water color artist that I came by was Jean Haines. I got inspired not just to try new things with water color but to also write about what I picked up from the books and videos….

Watercolor painting –  Yellow pond-lily

Finally finished this after final adjustments. So a continuation to my paintings of aquatic plants using water colors. I originally wanted to make again quite dull greyish water but it just did not look as good with just light washes. It was just too rough and dull so I added more blue to the front…

Printmaking – water based woodblock printing

Alrighty! Some results of my perhaps-to-be-continued-home-experiments with water based woodblock printing. Carving:I made two two sided blocks for the printing. One for the background with some carving (part of the flowers and leaves to be left out of printing), own for flowers, leaves and last the vines/branches. I have to say that it would be…

Colored pencil – flower

Yet another colored pencil draw along to Kirsty Partridge’s patreon tutorial Using Solvent with Coloured Pencil : Beginner Coloured Pencil Tutorial Series So first time using solvents. It was used to especially blur the background but to also blend the flower. I grabbed some pencils based on the tutorial listing, considering differences prismacolor, vs. luminance…

Watercolor painting –  Flowers

I did some hard drive cleaning as I’m running out of space and I found a few flower pictures I have not posted. So here are some flower studies. Orchids are made in water color + color pencils, roses water color and the last is actually made in gouache but posting with these anyway.