Social distancing and art

Weird times. Same as in most countries, Finland is also mostly sticking to home. In case you happen to have more free time while practicing social distancing, then here is my list on art related things on how to spend time:

Consume & chill

Watch movies / shows

Watch Netflix ‘Art & Design’ movies/documents, e.g.

(note: these might be available for some limited time and no longer available. You can search recent Netflix for new content in Art & design.)

Virtual museums

Since most museums are likely to be closed all over the world, join some online galleries / viewing rooms to enjoy art:

  • Kremer Museum – VR application
  • Finnish National Gallery – online collection
      • The Finnish National Gallery is Finland’s largest art museum organisation and a national cultural institution... The Finnish National Gallery’s collection includes approximately 42,000 works of art, as well as archival materials and artefacts. Search the collections using the search function on the homepage of this website.
  • The Virtual Museum of Canada – virtual exhibits
      • “Discover history, art, science, nature and more through virtual exhibits from Canada’s museums and heritage organizations.”
    • there seems to be mainly links to other pages, where there is then differing content and implementations (some I glanced were just plain picture galleries, not necessarily any virtual exhibition / view room)

Virtual exhibits / viewing rooms

Visit online / virtual galleries or online viewing rooms

Since most galleries are likely to be closed all over the world, join some online galleries / viewing rooms to enjoy art:

  • Mall Galleries exhibitions / virtual galleries:
  • Art Basel Online viewing rooms
      • “…digital platform connecting the world’s premier galleries with collectors around the world. Log in now with your Art Basel account and discover a wide array of curated rooms featuring thousands of high-caliber artworks.
    • you need to log in / register
  • David Zwirner’s viewing room
      • “The Viewing Room is David Zwirner’s online exhibition space, where visitors can explore and collect works from curated, online-only exhibitions by gallery artists and special collaborations.”
    • you need to provide your contact information (e-mail) to enter room
  • Pace Gallery viewing rooms
      • “Pace’s online viewing rooms offer rich contextual lenses through which to engage with our artists’ work and exhibitions. Explore our open and upcoming online viewing rooms below.”
    • you need to provide your contact information (e-mail) to enter room
    • I explored the Sam Gillian viewing room and the watercolor pieces were beautiful, vibrant and inspires me to also take out my washi papers for watercolor experiments. Great display.
  • Google Arts & Culture – online exhibits
    • just browse stories that are e.g. image galleries with descriptions and or audio, or articles
  • Artland – 3D tour and image gallery

Art blogs and podcasts

Other online events

View some live shows, e.g.:

(see more virtual events (live sessions, streams) in studies; paint alongs)


Learning platforms and video tutorials:

  • Udemy – free courses
    • “…At Udemy, our mission is to improve lives through learning. Sometimes that means new skills for a new career, and sometimes it’s as simple as realizing a lifelong passion. To support you through this time, we’ve put together this collection of free courses from our learning marketplace.”
  • Skillshare
    • join skillshare and learn something new (currently new members get 2 months Premium for free). You might also get free trials from other artists.
  • Patreon
    • Find your favorite artist, or some new artists in Patreon, support their work and gain access to some nice tutorials, paint alongs and other tips provided by the artist.
  • Andrew Tischler – painting tutorials (videos)
    • He has set his videos to reduced rate during these, times, so go ahead and purchase some great portrait and/or landscape tutorials from his site for great value!

Live sessions / streams:

  • Bobby Chiu – 90-minute art challenge
    • Weekly paint along illustration challenges using Magma Studio; “During this exercise, your challenge will be to paint an illustration in 90 minutes inspired by the photo reference.”

Fun and games

If you happen to play games, then e.g. buy this game from Steam and be an artist in game ;D :

Or if you want to explore some apps perhaps new to you, e.g.

Other web-based pastime fun:


Coloring books

Color some line art (color book), e.g.:

I guess I’ll give this a go and print some of the images and decide then what medium to use 🙂 (watercolor, ink, gouache, color pencils..)

Art challenges

Join instagram art challenges, e.g.:

Join other art challenges / parties:

Do your thing!

Or just keep painting those unfinished paintings your stare every now and then, and/or make some new art!

My work in progress that I keep staring:

And a random color practice, a Space Saimaa seal (Pusa hispida saimensis):

See also other related sites:

  • Artsy Shark tips for artists, how to manage and adjust your business and use time constructively during these times:
  • and Artists Network supportive resources:
    • “As we all learn to live with the realities of the COVID-19 crisis, we are staying home, quarantining, and finding new ways to support and connect with our friends and family. As artists, we are also looking for ways to maintain our creativity in stressful times, find inspiration at home, and financially and emotionally care for our families and ourselves. In the next weeks and months, Artists Network is bringing together a regularly updated list of supportive resources for the artist community to help navigate these special circumstances.

Lets keep safe and healthy! We can do this!

I do not benefit anything from displaying any of the links, I am just collecting the links to spread knowledge on some good sites and services I’ve come by 🙂 Enjoy!

I’ll update some new stuff to the post if I come by something new art related

  • edit 27.2.2021: Added Sktchy Art School
  • edit 20.2.2021: Added Strathmore workshop series
  • edit. 21.11.2020: some reorganization, added image, added links to: Sky arts – Portrait artist of the week (UK), Bobby Chiu 90-minute art challenge, Patreon
  • edit. 2.5.2020: Re-organizing content, updates on old ended events, added link to artists network community support and resources page (see above), added Artists Helping Artists podcasts, artist network tips on art podcasts
  • edit. 15.4.2020: Added Artists network live drawing
  • edit. 3.4.2020: Added Udemy, Andrew Tischler, Justin Donaldson, Watercolor Summit 2.0
  • edit. 1.4.2020: Added Mall Galleries exhibitions, Isolation art school, Drawing Session: The Trevi Fountain
  • edit. 31.3.2020: Added Finnish National Gallery,
  • edit. 27.3.2020: Added The Jealous Curator, #withdraw2020, #30dayartquarantine, art trivia
  • edit. 23.3.2020: Added Collective Coloring, World Watercolor Month and #mermay (later future events, July and May), The100DayProject, added headers
  • edit 20.3.2020: Added The Social Distancing Festival
  • edit. 19.3.2020: Added art challenges and virtual exhibitions / view rooms
  • page published 17.3.2020


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