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Social distancing and art

Weird times. Same as in most countries, Finland is also mostly sticking to home. In case you happen to have more free time while practicing social distancing, then here is my list on art related things on how to spend time: Consume & chill Watch movies / shows Watch Netflix ‘Art & Design’ movies/documents, e.g.

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The year of painting practices and studying

So, whats going on. I still have that one belle arti panel to finish but I have the idea somewhat ready on the topic and composition what I want to paint. It is inspired by the coming summer and more sunny and longer days after each passed day. Otherwise I’ve been mainly doing some watercolor

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Watercolor bird painting on panel with watercolor ground

The next painting idea I had brewing for the panels was a teeny weeny kingfisher, The King of the River. I used my White Nights watercolor pans for the painting. I used quite many colors on this one: Golden Deep, Cadmium Yellow, Quinacridone Rose Magenta, Ruby, Madder Lake, Bright Blue, Turquoise Blue, Indanthrene Blue and

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