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Peace and love – a hope?

It is insane what is going on in the world right now. The current unjustified war, an invasion by Russia to Ukraine based on false claims of a mad dictator. Ukraine has every right to defend itself and arm itself for defense. I wish the best for Ukraine and we should stay civil, and not

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Social distancing and art

Weird times. Same as in most countries, Finland is also mostly sticking to home. In case you happen to have more free time while practicing social distancing, then here is my list on art related things on how to spend time: Consume & chill Watch movies / shows Watch Netflix ‘Art & Design’ movies/documents, e.g.

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Spring – pastel drawing assignment

My image for an assignment to draw Spring landscape, shadows and light, with a living creature. So my valiant chihuahua posed for me in the forest trail. I wanted to draw midday sunny day, which luckily came by as I was working from home, so I managed to go for a quick walk during the

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