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Printmaking – Woodblock printing (Fern, part 2 of 2)

It is finished! I decided to use just light green in first print and then in second reprint covering just the biggest fern in sap green mixed with my lighter mix. The light green did not pop much out of the different backgrounds, but in the red background it seems almost metallic shiny. In total

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Printmaking – Screen printing

My screen printing, mainly just the technical part of it and no design that is. (not my designs, printed by me) Unfortunately I did not make it to the first day session and even though I prepared a sketch, I could not continue the next day with the design so that it would have been

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Printmaking – Woodblock printing (Fern, part 1 of 2)

The graphic art / print making course started off with woodblock printing (puupiirros), one type of relief printing. First of all, I have not done any kind of graphic art prints since school times, so all is pretty much new and to be learned. I also faced a bit of terminology pondering while doing this

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