Printmaking – Screen printing


My screen printing, mainly just the technical part of it and no design that is. (not my designs, printed by me)

Unfortunately I did not make it to the first day session and even though I prepared a sketch, I could not continue the next day with the design so that it would have been printed. Thus the print everyone made, including me, is lacking my design.

There was used one huge screen to collect all the designs and the colors for printing were also decided to the entire piece for everyone in
the group. The end result of the weekend being thus mainly a practice to get hang of the technique by printing to your own paper everyone’s design (no print of just your design with colors you wanted). This was I suppose due to the fact of lacking space/equipment/time (?), but anyway everyone got to print something and learn the basics.

Example on one first day sketches of other group member designs and screen preparations with line images transfer to screen:


And on the next day printing of colors (test print in image) and starting to print the black lines:


So, the first image in the post was my final print after the color and black layers. It turned out nice color wise as I was the first one (colors not yet muddied). Quality was not perfect but quite ok. It was a nice practice, even though my design was lacking from the print.

The topic for the image was none other than global warming, so I had prepared a heartbreaking emaciated polar bear on small remainders of ice. I was not sure what the technique was going to be so I prepared the black & white sketch and an inverted version also.

My design:


And now after doing the screen printing I also drafted a version with the added color how I probably then would have printed the image (as end result was not after all just b&w):


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