Watercolor studies (23.8.-24.8.2019)

This time we started off with wet on wet and just mixing colors on paper, trying smooth transitions and layering. The colored papers were used on the final assignments.


The point in all assignments was to simplify, to avoid realism and be
more abstract. To think on the forms, rhythm and space and use of colors. The discussions were at times leaning towards on not
depicting anything real and being very abstract but then again steered a bit
back to just simplifying forms. There was also provided some bottles, leaf and berries to use for reference and I used the leaf and berries for my second task pieces.

On the first day assignments I went with one task as more abstract
with different color areas and with the others I tried to simplify the

First day assignment ‘me and others’ (minä ja muut):


First day assignment ‘many – sundry’ (monet – useat):


Paper in above three:
Daler Rowney, Smooth Heavyweight (A4, 220g)

The second day task was to remake some earlier painting from any course from during the studies. I decided to remake my recent water lily piece since I got immediately an idea how to simplify it. HOWEVER I (probably) did go a bit heavy with details in the flower, could have simplified a lot, but this was how I wanted to make it, simplifying at least from the earlier piece with less details overall and using just few colors. I also made a quick draft version on smaller canvas on the previous day as I was pondering whether to make it horizontal or vertical.



Paper: Art Spectrum Water color pad (195x270mm, 300g)



Paper: Canson Moulin Du Roy, Hot pressed (30x40cm, 300g)

edit. I will probably work on this topic a bit more, either so that flower or water is more simple, or both versions.


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