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Watercolor painting – Summer Lily

New waterlily painting from this summer. This time I went to take some photos at summer cottage on a row boat. It was a bit later in the afternoon and the sun was shining beautifully in the water, making the bit murky water shine in oranges from my angle when I was dangling in the

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Painting course final piece – Self-portrait: Me and Nature

Summer is over, painting course is over, so here is my final piece for the painting course. A mixed media piece using water color (MozArt Komorebi), colored pencils (Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901) and white gouache for final clean up. I did not plan to make any abstract piece, far from it, as I did not

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Watercolor studies (23.8.-24.8.2019)

Water color painting

This time we started off with wet on wet and just mixing colors on paper, trying smooth transitions and layering. The colored papers were used on the final assignments. The point in all assignments was to simplify, to avoid realism and be more abstract. To think on the forms, rhythm and space and use of

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