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Drawing studies

Drawing studies of at least four hands, feet and two expressions. Charcoal or pencils. I need to practice more of shading and finding forms and to loose the strict lines. (unless so intended to draw of course) reference from deviantart ‘faestock’ (https://www.deviantart.com/faestock/art/Faestock-Expression-Stock-8-478724283 ) reference from sktchy app ‘Bobbi B’

Painting practices – portraits

So I did a few faces as painting practices using watercolour, colored pencils and gouache. Water color preparations / work in process: In all the pics I used mainly water color and colored pencils, with gouache white. For the second I repainted the rose with gouache and for the last I ended up painting with

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Pastel painting – Self-portrait (10.11.2018)

Not going in too much detail here text-wise. We had an assignment first to gaze into the mirror and draw yourself, investigating form of the face. We also did a then one final piece, the self portrait; observations of yourself and mind. I did my practices in pencil during lecture and then the final piece

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