Pencil portrait – redraw (2019 vs 2004)

I wanted to make a portrait for a change and I decided to make a redraw of some old piece as we were talking in last lesson it would be nice to see some old work also. So instead of posting just something terribad, I am making something new (and hopefully improved) also 😀

I managed to find the reference for my chosen old drawing of Hollyanne Leonard which I originally drew from the cover of Cosmopolitan. I decided to use the same medium so the progress is easily seen. I actually used the same Derwent pencils I have had since 2000 something (I used F, B3, B7, B9).

It has been a decade of not really drawing or painting anything, but in recent years I have been painting every now and then digitally and now also traditionally due to the art studies. So my equipment has been waiting for usage and there has not been much of practice meanwhile.

Drawing from 2004:

Seems I made this quite quickly just wanting to draw something, not really bothering to study or think anything (especially no effort on the hair). I also have had (bad) tendency to draw strong lines instead of shading in the forms, which I am working on getting rid of (depends on style ofc).

Making of with reference:

I think the art studies as well as paint alongs and watching painting and drawing tutorials online (e.g. youtube, skillshare, patreon) have helped a lot to understand forms and values and how to work with the chosen media and/or maybe something has clicked in my head during the 10+ years.

I made the new version during today within multiple sessions, but I could really slow down a bit to concentrate on the details and study e.g. the dreaded hair even better (yet again eager to just finish). But overall this was a nice and motivational practice, to really see the progress and what I am capable of, and it has been a while since the previous pencil studies during previous drawing course so it was quite nice to draw for a change.

Now I am itching to make some full colored pencil or mixed media portrait (water color, colored pencil)..


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