Painting course final piece – Self-portrait: Me and Nature

Summer is over, painting course is over, so here is my final piece for the painting course.


A mixed media piece using water color (MozArt Komorebi), colored pencils (Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901) and white gouache for final clean up. I did not plan to make any abstract piece, far from it, as I did not realize all remaining paintings were aiming for such 😀 So as usual, instead I went for details and portrait.

I chose to make a self portrait for this year, which is quite personal and telling a story. Without going to much details on the personal parts, but the plants have a relation to my family, then there is me with a green thumb after the summer of planting all kinds of new flowers and with a not necessary sad but pondering outlook on what is to come (or just resting bitch face).

I started this piece during the week, as I was quite sure I would not otherwise get it ready for today, but anyway everyone got to continue at home with their pieces. Before I started the piece I had the idea mulling in my head for few days, so I am not much of a sketcher but just go for it, as long as I have some idea in my head and then the rest will just come (or not). I had originally a more dark sombre piece in mind with half black face etc., but it did not feel right anymore. Then a bit more fantasy nature idea with less of personal touch but it did not feel right for the smaller paper, nor the course. I was a bit worried over this piece as well, but chose to go for it anyway..

On Friday I was also doodling on a random fantasy scene on iPad using procreate app since we got the chance to try working digitally again (I had my own equipment), but I guess I’ll post that separately once it is, uhm, more bearable 😀

Making of:


Paper: Canson Moulin Du Roy, Hot pressed (30x40cm, 300g)


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