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Portrait paintings – 30 Faces 30 Days: days 1 to 5

I am participating to Sktchy Art School’s 30 Faces/30 Days – Watercolor & Gouache course (https://shop.sktchy.com/). Figured it is a nice challenge to try different kind of techniques shown by other artists and to consistently practice, with already decided references 😀 (maybe I should do the earlier drawing challenge later also.. but this is now

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Spring 2020

Warning in advance, this is not a joyous image, unlike the earlier piece, but nothing shocking either. In art studies we were meant to ponder how the current period affects our work. Aaand, I decided not to sugarcoat it or avoid the recent topics. Well, the image content does not say as much about how

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Watercolor painting – Flowers

I did some hard drive cleaning as I’m running out of space and I found a few flower pictures I have not posted. So here are some flower studies. Orchids are made in water color + color pencils, roses water color and the last is actually made in gouache but posting with these anyway.

Gouache studies (16.-17.8.2019)

Gouache painting

During the weekend 16.8.-17.8. we worked mainly with gouache and did some color blending practices and other assignments. Above painting was an assignment to paint a hand holding some item (I picked a brush, not so surprisingly). The main point was to be able to blend a convincing skin color.  I started of a bit

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