Spring 2020

Warning in advance, this is not a joyous image, unlike the earlier piece, but nothing shocking either.

In art studies we were meant to ponder how the current period affects our work. Aaand, I decided not to sugarcoat it or avoid the recent topics.

Well, the image content does not say as much about how it affects my work, but more on the topics that are in my mind, and perhaps in many other’s minds as well. A bit of worry, but some hope, with death and corona lurking around, if not catching you, yet, then it has anyway caught up with many others. I have not added imaginary or symbols relating to current events in any other recent images, just this.

Otherwise all is good. Being well and able to work from home, but have not been too busy artistically. I’ve been busy tending the garden and other work, but lets see once summer arrives and I have more time on my hands.. 🙂

(I also reorganized my watercolors, since I dropped the whole thing and everything was a mess.. Luckily most of the pans had numbers, just two lacked a number)

In this image I tried out for the first time Clairefontaine PaintOn (250GSM) A2 paper and I did mixed media. Since I started off with wet watercolor washes, I nearly already destroyed the paper surface 😀

I did not dare to play with water no more than needed, so I left the background alone. The front plane I painted using gouache, making more opaque surfaces in the front and leaving the other characters as watercolor transparent. I used gouache mainly on the ground, red cross and the main character (and Death’s face and the White Crow). I used Rohrer&Klingner ink on the black nightmare stuff creeping upwards, the golden lines around the flower and then Pigma brush pens on some details.

Final piece:

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