Portrait paintings – 30 Faces 30 Days: days 1 to 5

I am participating to Sktchy Art School’s 30 Faces/30 Days – Watercolor & Gouache course (https://shop.sktchy.com/). Figured it is a nice challenge to try different kind of techniques shown by other artists and to consistently practice, with already decided references 😀 (maybe I should do the earlier drawing challenge later also.. but this is now nice as there is a community of portrait artists showcasing their recent work.)

So far there has been now two gouache challenges and three watercolor practices, and a dirty shirt.

Where did all my blue paint go?

I am finished for today and tomorrow then a new challenge, lets see what it is (in my time it is revealed in the late evening, so I do it then the next day after work or so). And now with weekend coming, I can paint earlier than usual 🙂

So, here are the so far finished sktchy art challenge portraits (in order from day 1 to 5):

First day was a loose watercolor practice, although I did end up sketching the image in watercolor pencils and I also finished the piece with the pencils. Next was gouache trial with hatching and the other one was gouache as well with an orange background wash. Fourth day was back to watercolors with layering and reserving the whites and fifth day a monochromatic piece with two colors.

Quite fun and so different challenges! Phew, and to be continued, 25 more days to go 😀

(I should be also preparing few paintings for exhibition, I am sure I have forgotten something else also..o_O)


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