Gouache portrait trio – Sktchy app

I was itching to paint something on paper for a change but also wanted to try out gouache as well. I have done just a few landscapes using gouache and boy was it tough again. I kind of like gouache, but it is a bit frustrating 😀 (practice practice!)

From time to time I am using Sktchy app to check some inspiration and references for people portraits:

So this time I picked three images with a nice lightning. I chose to make different hues of blue as background to all.

I was pondering whether to do some final touches with colored pencils but I resisted the urge. So these remain gouache studies, I did not use any high quality paper anyway.

I find the blending quite tough with gouache since I all too easily activate the below layer colors. Also sometimes it is hard to see end result before paint has dried, thus I often had to rework and blend larger areas due to the emerging edges. I suppose I use a bit too much water sometimes, but with less water it feels so sticky.

I have Talens gouache extra fine but I am pondering on also getting Holbein Acryla Gouache paint. With that there would not be lifting issues as the paint will not reactivate once dry. I might also need those for the coming painting course in case watercolors or gouache is not accepted as medium. Although I do have some actual acrylics too so I could just cope with that.

However I am a bit unsure on diluting acrylics with water, some say definite no and some are using water quite freely. What say you?

All images have been posted also to Sktchy app and models are linked there to their original images.


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  1. I an online course I am following, the instructor contacted Golden acrylics and they said there is absolutely no problem diluting their acrylics with water. Lauren Rudolph paints beautiful portraits using watered down acrylics. The colours are so vibrant. And best of all, no need to invest in more art supplies if one is already heavily committed to acrylics! So many decisions! 😁

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    1. soila says:

      Nice 🙂 Thanks for the information


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