Acrylic painting – Landscape painting: Winter scene

Landscape painting. Quite intimidating, but managed to finish it, or at least call it done for now. This painting was to be quite realistic, life like, and then the next landscape is to be more loose.

I was not immediately sure what to paint, so I went over for a little walk to take photographs of the forest trail surroundings near our house. Few shots from the walk (upper two from 6.2.2021, and the latter more blue 13.2.2021):

It is very snowy currently, been so for quite some time. Mainly just the coldness has changed between zero to -20 celsius or so. We are now around -10 and I guess it will probably get a bit warmer again, or not. 😀 I don’t mind, I am mostly sticking to the warmth of the house but it is nice to have this kind of little forest trail to go to, no matter the weather.

Finished painting:

Bit of references from here and there and I simplified A LOT even though kind of also tried keeping some kind of realistic touch.

The next painting is to be more of a weird and loose one, ‘mental landscapes’. I will try to get more funky with colors, as soon as I know what I paint 😀 The painting has to be way bigger as well, so I am pending on the delivery of my order with few big canvases (60×73). (also I could not resist the urge to get some Schmincke Horadam watercolor pans…. 😀 I have mainly used White Nights by St Petersburg, but I want to try how vibrant the Shcmincke truly are)

This was again painted on a Daler Rowney acrylic paper (A3, 190GSM) using Van Gogh acrylics (mainly) and sometimes also the Golden fluid acrylics.


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  1. It’s quite good. Winter trees are really good subject for acrylic painting.
    I personally always use only canvas for acrylic painting. I believe this is better because the canvas fabric allows using paint in many layers and also no need for framing unless one wishes so.
    I also always start painting on medium dark to dark canvas, just to ensure that there’ s nice play of shades. You can build up color as opposed to just apply color.
    We also have lots of snow, I was just shoveling, nothing nice about that except it’s exercise.

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    1. soila says:

      Thanks for the comment and insights 🙂 canvases are really nice especially for the no framing need, but I do not like the texture of the fabric. The same is with the cardboards with gessoed linen. But I am sure I could overcome that with more layers as you mentioned, I am just not that accustomed to canvases, nor acrylic painting.
      I like the wooden panels for any serious pieces and in the painting course I am taking, the teacher will also give some tips on painting to acrylic glass so that if anything should be a nice smooth surface, let’s see 🙂

      The snow situation has been steady for a while now, at least there hasn’t rained any more to be shoveled 😀 But now it is getting colder again and probably more snow during the weekend.


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