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Acrylic painting – Landscape painting: Winter scene

Acrylic painting, landscape painting of a snowy winter scene

Landscape painting. Quite intimidating, but managed to finish it, or at least call it done for now. This painting was to be quite realistic, life like, and then the next landscape is to be more loose. I was not immediately sure what to paint, so I went over for a little walk to take photographs

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Acrylic painting – Still life: Bamboo in a bottle

Another still-life practice, again keeping it quite simple and the topic was an everyday item. I painted a little bamboo that hangs around on my computer desk, still managing to stay alive, yet not growing much either. I want to have some greenery in my dark little cave and the bamboo has so far been

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Acrylic painting – Bird ladies: Magpie

So, an acrylic painting for a change. I ran out of proper watercolor paper and I had purchased these tiny golden fluid acrylics paints that I wanted to try out, so I decided to do this series in acrylics then. Theme here is, since I have not been painting people for quite a while and

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