Acrylic painting – Still life: Bamboo in a bottle

Another still-life practice, again keeping it quite simple and the topic was an everyday item.

I painted a little bamboo that hangs around on my computer desk, still managing to stay alive, yet not growing much either. I want to have some greenery in my dark little cave and the bamboo has so far been the only one that stays alive. (I tried having more plants with additional light, but I guess I did not water them often enough..)

So, the survivor bamboo lives in a green old lemonade glass bottle but I decided not to paint any of the label content into the painting. Originally I was planning on having just the ‘AID+’ part visible (full text LEMONAID+) but I felt the water level was too low and I did not want the text on top of the painted water level, nor the bottom parts. So I will all this finished now with this simplified green bottle 🙂

I used both Van Gogh acrylics (mainly) and sometimes also the Golden fluid acrylics. Painted on a Daler Rowney acrylic paper (A3, 190GSM).

did you notice that the stem is leaning to wrong side, tsk :D


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