Paper collages and interior

Hmm, some unusual stuff for a change. At least unusual for me, mixed media paper collages and crafting!

These are again for the art studies, an assignment for two paper silhouette pieces and a little interior box.

The paper silhouette pieces are not that complex or beautiful as paper collages can be, with layers and layers of self painted or colored papers. The used paper now was quite thick cardboard and I did not cut or rip the paper in small pieces but instead used it as quite large sections. I should have cut smaller pieces so it would not have been such a pain to then glue the large areas 😀 I tried to be fast with a big flat brush, but the mod podge did still start to dry in sections, so I had to re glue areas.

The first assignment was to draw and cut eight silhouettes of poses the classmates and teacher did. Then to attach those to a large sheet of paper with the topic of ‘a bus trip’.

I painted the background loosely with three ink colors. I sketched the silhouettes with white pastel pencil to black A4 cardboards and cut the figures with a bulky cutter, since I could not find my craft x-acto knife..

Here is my finished galactic bus trip with the glued silhouettes:

The second piece was in reverse, so the cut silhouette was not used but instead the paper with the hole. Then the painted background should show through from the cut out places. First the background was to be made, very loose, free, without thinking about the figure yet at all, and just to use three colors. (as I did in the other one also)

After painting the background with inks then I started planning the collage. I had an idea of a flowing figure, not originally with this cardboard color, but I could not get big black papers from local market. So I chose turquoise instead.

Here is my final paper collage ”reach”:

And if this was a weird little craft session already, wait till you see what comes up next 😆

An interior! Task was to make a 3D interior, i.e. make some interior design into a cardboard box either reflecting your home or some other imaginative space. I made the piece around a green couch where an orange origami cat is sitting. I used different kind of papers, cut random images from magazines, painted a mini floral still-life and printed David Hasselhoff, just because.

Photos of the final interior in different lightning:

So it consisted mostly of a bit of photo collaging, paper crafting and origami folding. I also painted that mini acrylic painting and for Holidays added that little glittery xmas tree in front of the curtain.

Next I am working on a few acrylic / mixed media paintings with fluorescent colors 🙂 and itching to do a few watercolor portraits.


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