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Spring 2020

Warning in advance, this is not a joyous image, unlike the earlier piece, but nothing shocking either. In art studies we were meant to ponder how the current period affects our work. Aaand, I decided not to sugarcoat it or avoid the recent topics. Well, the image content does not say as much about how

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Face the future – pastel painting

I decided to use this pastel painting as my study assignment piece. The topic was composition. I wanted to use for a change my soft pastels which have traveled with me through multiple cities and homes way over a decade (or two) and they are still very much alive. Well, not walking, but usable. The

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Water color painting – Forest spirit

Water color painting of a forest spirit

So, this painting was for a course assignment. Actually a topic I have been planning on painting as a series but not in this context originally. Topic for the course was spirit and matter in your own art. I am not that spiritual nor try to convey any more meaningful message in my pieces, but

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This painting was for a course assignment with a given theme. Inspiration (kimmoke), or stimulant, incentive; what inspires me to make art. After my initial and quite quick and high-level pondering on some relevant keywords to me (light, nature and colors), I let this topic brew in my head for a week. Then I had

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