Painting stone critters

A little silliness, but hopefully conjuring a bit of happiness to random people. So, I’ve been painting some little stone critters that I will spread around into the nearby forest trails.

The little beings are free to take or just marvel.

I used my new bling bling Coliro water colors to paint some veins or some other sparkly spots to the top but mostly keeping the stone surface visible (I do not have sparkly acrylics).

And then I made the eyes using acrylic paints and black Pigma Brush pen. In the end varnished the entire stone surface (matt stone, gloss eyes). All of the stones also have a little heart in the bottom ❤

So in total there are 14 little beings which will reside in nearby forests until relocated to a happy new home ❤ This is the blingy heart critters edition, something else maybe next time 😀 (I collected some new stones already)


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