Acrylic gouache on wooden panels – Flower paintings

Two acrylic gouache paintings with a bit of mixed media. (Quite a lot actually 😀 ) The main driver for these paintings was the coming exhibition, a dark room with UV lights in a paradise theme. So fluorescent acrylic painting was used in these paintings as well. The flower paintings cannot be seen in the…

Painting stone critters

A little silliness, but hopefully conjuring a bit of happiness to random people. So, I’ve been painting some little stone critters that I will spread around into the nearby forest trails. The little beings are free to take or just marvel. I used my new bling bling Coliro water colors to paint some veins or…

More super sculpey fun

New super sculpey creatures! I wanted to have a cute little slothie hanging on my screen and then I made also another plant creature, some six legged lizard thing. I suppose I’ll have to buy oil paint to also color all of these at some point. For now, the critters in their current ‘naked’ state:

Super sculpey fun

Wow, first time using super sculpey and it was quite fun. It was a bit challenging to keep things clean and I did not go into much detail as I did these just quickly while watching hbo. Definitely have to think of next subject which I could work a bit more. I think I will…

Sculpting – Plaster

As a plaster piece we carved what ever each wanted, at least I do not recall there was any set theme. Teacher had already casted plaster into basic molds (just plastic containers) so we just started carving the pieces from those. I chose a round plaster mold and made two circling fish.