The year of painting practices and studying

So, whats going on. I still have that one belle arti panel to finish but I have the idea somewhat ready on the topic and composition what I want to paint. It is inspired by the coming summer and more sunny and longer days after each passed day.

Otherwise I’ve been mainly doing some watercolor practices every now and then, reading and watching videos. Life drawing course is also continuing so I’ll post ‘part 2’ summary after the end of this month when course ends.

Some color testing, technique studies and animal studies and doodling:

First was just testing the Daniel Smith color tubes I got and the next four pages of studies were based on the book: Tate Watercolour Manual: Lessons from the Great Masters (still have not finished reading, have some studies to continue before I read further..). The quote was also from the book, nice reminder that there is no right or wrong, just go with the flow and work with what you got.

The parrot was a paint along practice (not meant as one) to a patreon tutorial video by Louise De Masi ( and the red blobs and green trunk was based on some technique studies (this was older pic actually) from an udemy course by Robert Joyner (

  • I also use skillshare for studies, you should be able to use this link for free trial (e.g. Robert Joyner has courses there also):

And last, the little birds were just recent random watercolor doodling using different blue/green shades and lines were made with black Pigma brush pen. (I did line art first and then colored)

Also, in addition to online studies, I have too many art books to still read from winter shopping spree 😀 (kindle shopping and few physical copies) e.g.

I started the Tate Watercolour Manual, but do not want to go through it without doing also the studies, so a bit on hold for now. But great examples and information on techniques from old masters, so far.

I read the Glorious Garden Flowers in Watercolor and started one study/painting based on that. Painting is not finished and I will revisit the book as I continue with additional flowers. Susan Harrison-Tustain’s flowers are just epic ❤

Perhaps I should start updating all books to goodreads. Some day.

I also recently visited one exhibition. This was not such a serious visit but more of an interesting thing to see, art made by a bear, or the bear being a tool in the production of art. In the end of February I went to Juuso the bear’s exhibition at Tampere in Tampere Hall (Tampere-talo) 😀

Not sure what I expected to see, maybe a bit more of original pieces, there was a lot of prints. Of course could be most of the originals have been sold ages ago and anyway the location with all the natural light is not that optimal to display any art 24/7 for the entire exhibition period.

Juuso the bear making art video can be found in youtube:

Let see if we finally go to visit this Summer the The Predator Center in Kuusamo (Kuusamon suurpetokeskus) as well, to see the artist live 🙂

What comes to new materials, I could not resist these paints anymore… So, I can’t wait to get my hands on new Coliro pans I ordered 😀 Instead of the ready paint sets I opted for an empty tray and some colors to start filling it. Bling bling!

These should arrive next week, but lets see as I ordered also few aerosol varnishes in addition, since I did not find any good options locally. (delivery by road)

As soon as I finish my last panel, maybe do some additional tweaks with the new coliro candies, then I will finally varnish the trio.


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