Printmaking – Monotype


On the first day of this weekend sessions, we experimented with monotype technique, using a basic metal plate and

paper for the print.

Above was my first drawing, and the latter my second try (with some missing lines that I forgot to redraw) and then I also made a negative print of the plate.

I guess my paper was a bit to wet in both prints? I could not really make the drawings thin lined. I used quite dull pen on first but a sharp pen on the second but I do not see much of difference in line strength. Some of the classmates managed to get quite sharp and narrow lines. I also pressed with fingers too hard on the first to keep the sketch in place while tracing, so there are smudges here and there.




Overall, quite nice simple technique but I do not like the rough look and bleeding edges. Would be perhaps nice in some multi technique pieces.

Hahnemühle watercolor paper

cut to pieces)


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