Drawing practices – Nefertiti

Long time no university studies, but now drawing course started, yay! We started with still-life from some materials everyone brought and with the addition of few plaster models. In groups of four we set the materials on desk and started drawing around the table our own settings. My group got plaster model of Nefertiti’s bust….

Pencil portrait – redraw (2019 vs 2004)

I wanted to make a portrait for a change and I decided to make a redraw of some old piece as we were talking in last lesson it would be nice to see some old work also. So instead of posting just something terribad, I am making something new (and hopefully improved) also 😀 I…

Life drawing – croquis (29.-30.3.2019)

I copy/pasted some of the croquis into two images. Quick pencil sketches were made during the lessons 29.-30.3.2019, poses were either 1,5min or 2min. I used harder (2H) pencil on the first day, so some of the images are quite light and for the second day I grabbed 3B.