Color studies (12.4. – 25.5.2019)


The color study course was theoretical but very practical. We did a lot of color study assignments with the purchased Color-aid deck of 220 swatches of colors. We did not paint during the course but studied colors and cut the swatches for the assignments.


The exercises were more or less a success.. (as you can see in the first image :D)

First of all I struggled quite a bit and many times as I just did not ‘see’ the colors as I should have or just did not quite understand the assignment right. Likely it would have helped a lot for the lessons, had I read the topics from books in advance.

And secondly I just do not cut nor glue perfectly, so execution was not that prime either (tiny white gaps and glue marks).


During the course we also kept short presentations to each other on color theories, which were mostly referenced from the literature of Albers, Arnkil and Itten.

The books for the course were:

  • Itten, Johannes: The Elements of Color (Värit taiteessa)
  • Albers, Josef: Interaction of Color (Värien vuorovaikutus)
  • Arnkil, Harald: Colours in The Visual World (Värit havaintojen maailmassa)

And as additional reading:

  • Ball, Philip: Bright Earth: Art and the Invention of Color (Kirkas maa, miten värit syntyvät)
  • Brusatin, Manlio: History of Colors (Värien historia)
  • Finlay, Victoria: Color: A Natural History of the Palette (Värimatka)

Overall, I fell this course has stirred something in the depths of my mind, which I can better incorporate into the works. There was a lot do digest, so learning continues.


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