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Face the future – pastel painting

I decided to use this pastel painting as my study assignment piece. The topic was composition. I wanted to use for a change my soft pastels which have traveled with me through multiple cities and homes way over a decade (or two) and they are still very much alive. Well, not walking, but usable. The

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Ink painting – Koi Around

Ink painting, Koi Around

So here it is, my little fishy fishy painting! Main focus and inspiration for the piece was colors, complementary colors and color vibration. However, in the end the colors shifted quite a bit around the complementaries (orange, blue). I made the painting using mainly Rohrer & Klingner calligraphy inks (https://www.rohrer-klingner.de/?page_id=1035&lang=en) and later I added some

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Vibrant colors

As I mentioned earlier (https://soila.art.blog/2020/01/18/painting-loose-flowers/), I’ve been reading quite a few art related books recently and a book by Jean Haines inspired me to try more loose painting and taught a lot on e.g. color (and water) use, how to blend colors beautifully and keep vibrant colors. The book I read is: Jean Haines’ Atmospheric

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Color studies (12.4. – 25.5.2019)

The color study course was theoretical but very practical. We did a lot of color study assignments with the purchased Color-aid deck of 220 swatches of colors. We did not paint during the course but studied colors and cut the swatches for the assignments. The exercises were more or less a success.. (as you can

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