Life drawing – croquis (15.3.2019)

First ever disaster croquis drawings 😀 ..but posting anyway, lessons learnt! I have to practice more quick sketching and try to find the essential lines and forms. For these I could’ve used also colors. I’ve never been good at sketching and have avoided it, apparently very well so far. In general I hate all my drawings in the early phase because they just look terribad before I start adding more details and correcting things.


The session was also quite the battle internally, to keep drawing although all you see in paper is just something cr.. terrible. I was not that worried or stressed over time restriction, even though time flew by, but more distressed of my results. But I just had to ignore that and keep going. The music lightened the mood nicely at points (e.g. umbrella pose with Gene Kelly Singing in the rain

) and also set the rhythm.


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