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Ink studies – Croquis

We did some croquis at class in previous weekend. We used inks, which was a quite nice change from pencils or charcoal, for the life drawing task. I have not done much of, nor practiced croquis, with live models or from photos, so my approach is not the best. I quickly sketch the form, try

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Life drawing – croquis (29.-30.3.2019)

I copy/pasted some of the croquis into two images. Quick pencil sketches were made during the lessons 29.-30.3.2019, poses were either 1,5min or 2min. I used harder (2H) pencil on the first day, so some of the images are quite light and for the second day I grabbed 3B.

Life drawing – croquis (15.3.2019)

First ever disaster croquis drawings 😀 ..but posting anyway, lessons learnt! I have to practice more quick sketching and try to find the essential lines and forms. For these I could’ve used also colors. I’ve never been good at sketching and have avoided it, apparently very well so far. In general I hate all my

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Life drawing 15.-16.2.2019

Figure drawing working from dark to light and with four colors. The darker image was done with charcoal all over the paper and then starting to work out the light using chammy. The latter was done with brown hard pastels, I chose white, black, dark brown and light brown as my four colors. (for the

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Life drawing 8.-9.2.2019

This was my first time doing any kind of life drawing. It was very interesting to concentrate on viewing the forms and how the environment interacts with the model (lights, shadows). The pieces were made using charcoal. This was also first time in ages to make anything in this huge paper, so it brought an

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