Watercolor painting –  Green Inside v2

And the second piece I finally finished for my theme inspired by the green plants inside. Not as full as the other, fern was my main inspiration and I was not planning on adding much of anything else, but then ended up adding some leaves here and there. Same as earlier, water color piece with…

Watercolor painting –  Green Inside v1

Plant life at home means there is a lot of green stuff in the house, that can survive in my care 😀 In this water color piece I painted some leaves of different plants and I wanted to put the collage on a dark background. I just started doodling leaves randomly from the middle and…

Painting course final piece – Self-portrait: Me and Nature

Summer is over, painting course is over, so here is my final piece for the painting course. A mixed media piece using water color (MozArt Komorebi), colored pencils (Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901) and white gouache for final clean up. I did not plan to make any abstract piece, far from it, as I did not…

Watercolor painting –  water knotweed

Continuing painting practices with aquatic plants and water colors. Actually a bit of mixed media, as I used also color pencils on the plants. (Paper: Canson Moulin Du Roy, 30x40cm (300g))

Watercolor painting –  Waterlilies in the evening

Additional work during the painting course, studies in different times of the day. Waterlilies during the evening, starting to curl back into the water. Painted using watercolors and from photo reference. References: (Paper: Canson Moulin Du Roy, 30x40cm (300g))