Building Bug Hotels


A little tinkering we did yesterday, building bug hotels. Nothing artistic, did not paint or decorate these at all, so random post on bug hotels 😀

There is a campaign #pelastapörriäinen in Finland with a page where you can mark your good deeds done to help pollinators. Translation from yle site post:

The number of pollinators has fallen alarmingly. Bumblebees, bees and other buzzies need your help! The Save the Buzzies campaign invites everyone to work to secure the living conditions of pollinators. Even small deeds are of great importance, especially if enough people take up the challenge. How do you want to help: Flowers, uncut lawn, insect hotel or non-toxic garden? Select, execute and mark on the counter. Also, grab a picture to delight us all, and share it with the tag #pelastapörriäinen

not sure what to call ‘pörriäinen’ in English, so I chose ‘buzzies’ 😀

So we decided to make a few new bug, or insect, hotels. I also purchased some seeds of meadow flowers and I will also have some summer flowers in the back and front yard, once Summer actually arrives (or at least nights are not frozen) 🙂

We collected some cones and straws near the little pond, forests and backyard and filled the self-made boxes. The first little hut in above image was a shop purchase last year. It did not have any mesh in front so the content had dropped, so it needed a refill and modifications as well.

Now come along little ‘pörriäiset’, hotels are waiting!


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  1. ninnys1 says:

    Thanx…this idea really does work. I encourage bees in my gardens.


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