Water mixable oils on a leaf


A little random exercise, first time using water mixable oil colors.

I have never painted using oils so trying out the water mixable oils was quite interesting. And to make things more interesting the practice was made on a fresh leaf of any plant!

I picked a big mostly even leaf from my hibiscus and checked some images as inspiration to paint a simple portrait.

The leaf after a few days started to crumble a bit, as expected, and was bulging in the middle, so I taped it then to a wooden board. The painting itself was still a bit sticky after few days, but otherwise had not changed. In a few days more the leaf is starting to be dry and crumbly, but painting is still intact.

Photos in order (first two were 24.3., next two 26.3., and last today 30.3.):

I did not try to preserve the leaf in any way, it was just an experiment. A mini portrait study for a coming painting course assignment of a portrait in a bigger self built canvas.


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