Acrylics on a plastic glass

This time we had a trial on the painting course to try out plastic panels (plastic glass, polycarbonate sheets, or plexiglas) in acrylic painting.

The painting was not done on top of the surface as you would (I did at least) expect, but kind of reverse. The painting is done to the back side and what you see through the panel is the painting. So the painting itself had to be done thinking in layers from front to back, every now and then peeping to the other side how it looks.

Back side of the mixed media piece

This has its benefits, not just that it is quite an interesting approach, yet challenging, but the painting then already has a protecting surface on the viewing side at least, although the backside should be protected somehow or just hope for the best. (scratches and the painting can also be damaged by moisture, as of course most surfaces have the same issue)

I made one simple practice using just acrylics and the other I did as a mixed media with photo collaging from three different images, napkin parts and then acrylic painting behind and on top of the panel. With the acrylic paint there was also used acrylic mediums to better bind the paint to the plastic glass (per experiences of the teacher good to use). I used Vallejo Gloss Fluid medium (which smells divine ;D), other options suggested by the teacher were Amsterdam heavy gel medium, Creabox acrylic mousse, A’color allround medium and Schjerning art medium.

I liked the gliding smooth and even surface a lot when painting, but if I used plastic panels in future to paint, I would likely just paint normally on top.


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