Watercolor painting – portrait practice

A watercolor portrait painting for a change. I was aiming to do this on a bit better paper than my usual quite inexpensive Canson sheets that I use for random trials and study pieces, but it turned out this paper was maybe even worse.. 😀

I have used this Daler & Rowney Smooth-Heavyweight (220GSM) paper also earlier, but now I struggled with it a lot. Could also due to a bit different approach. Instead of light sketching with colored pencils, I used my Albrecht Dürer watercolor pencils to sketch and shade a bit. The paper surface started to break as I tried to blend the pencil with wet brush. I was going to make the whole piece with the pencils but after the first layer it was clear it is not going to work. The broken surface took the pencil unevenly and darker and any blending with water would have just obliterated the paper further more.

So I finished it off with light layers of White Nights watercolors, so even though sometimes the surface did break, I could still manage with light layers with not so wet on dry method.

But, here it is, my somewhat saved trial:

Inspiration from sktchy app, model and photo by: Jade Cohen


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  1. You might like the Fabriano…it too is quite pricey…i guess it just depends whether your like hot or cold press. Good luck with experiments!

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  2. It’s so frustrating when the paper doesn’t hold up … I have tried several brands…I think it’s the only way to find something suitable…just keep experimenting with different brands until you find one that works for you. Your portraits are wonderful Soila!

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    1. soila says:

      Cheers, thanks 🙂 I have been too cheapskate to use the better papers I have, but I will definitely start using those more, so as you said, maybe then I can also find the one that suits my methods and also can enjoy painting more. I’ve heard good things of Arches papers, but that is harder to come by in here. (BUT that being said, I have one pad waiting that I bought online, just have to start using it.. :D)


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