Watercolor painting – Still life

Painting course started again this year. We managed to have one class at University during January but now we are back to zoom/meet lessons.

Topic for the weekend was still life. We had some fruits assembled in the middle of class room and it was to be painted in watercolor and as a more life like painting with details. (so that the next time we go a bit more loose)

Few images on the still life setting at class (it was still being modified between pictures):

The setting was quite colorful with a lot of details in the fabrics, but I tried to keep focus on fruit and just some hints of the fabric patterns and colors here and there. The image ended quite desaturated. For some reason I was not brave with pigment and the paper was also tiny since I did not take any bigger papers along for class (26x18mm, Saunders Waterford 300GSM).

Final watercolor painting:

(I managed to smudge the painting with the next day acrylic painting.. thus red spots 😀 oops..)

I have not been painting much meanwhile, kept a little Winter holiday and just been cozy while social distancing at home.


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