Watercolor painting – Dance

Another study assignment with a theme. This time dance, or movement was the topic. This is actually a followup task from the previous live model session and the croquis sketches. There we also had the same theme.

The assignment is based on this ballet performance:

  • Igor Stravinsky Rite of Spring, choreography by Vaslav Nijinski, Mariinsky Theatre (Saint Petersburg)

I started by doing few pencil sketches, then I continued with an ink value study. I based my painting more on the actual ballet performance from the video than to the poses our live model made. The poses were fine in the sketches but none really inspired me to work more for a final piece.

Instead the ballet performance inspired me and I chose a scene from the end of the dance where our sacrifice is about to dance herself to death, being quite scared in the middle of the bear people. The work was about movement but I wanted to pick this scene as it had so strong emotions, but it was otherwise quite still moment for a few seconds, so I had some movement then from the hair and accessories.

I made the final painting at home but now using watercolors instead. Sketches and painting:

I did not scan the image as it is A2 and I was quite sure I will just screw up aligning the multiple scanned pieces into one big image 😀 So I just took a photo and tried to correct the images a bit to match reality.

Anyway, it was fun to do this painting, even though I did leave this task for the last week.. 😉 I think I like the expression better in the ink sketch, more desperation and a bit sadness, but I did not dare to fiddle anymore with the watercolor version.


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