Ink studies – still life


This time post on quite many different ink studies made during Fall drawing course. I have not felt like painting otherwise, thus I’ve mainly managed to do some simple studies and no ‘serious’ paintings at all.

In drawing class we now shifted from pencils/charcoals/pastels (which ever was used) into ink practices. Earlier we did some still life during class and later home studies were free to do from what ever topic (still life, portrait, landscape).

I chose to do some still life practices. The green plant pieces I made as was instructed in the assignment, mixing ink (one color) in six different values and painting in order from light to dark. The approach did not work well for me, in general whole painting process felt forced, just had to get something done and I rushed through them.

In the blue versions, that I made another day, I mixed four values and worked as I would with watercolor. A bit back and forth with the values and adding water to change the mixes as needed. With ink you can relax with darks as the dried layers will not lift, so can return to an area with lighter glazes. I also felt a bit more interested with the fruits, so I used more effort in blending as well. (overall felt better day to paint)

And as last ink experiment I used multiple colors just to paint a few leaves that I collected outside.

Have a nice Fall!


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