Water color and colored pencil portraits

I was still itching to do a few portraits studies. I wanted to try out using only water colors and then I did also few with colored pencils.

I used also again some great references from Sktchy app for the paintings.

I originally meant to have a more darker reference so I would really try to layer and blend darker colors well, but I just seemed to pick all the nice light and bright images 😀 So trials to be continued and preferably then also with proper watercolor paper.

Liz – water colors

For this one I used only my White Nights water colors (pans). I wanted to try more details and finishing only in water colors.

Final piece, work in progress and finished piece on my messy desk with used equipment:

Mary – water colors and Luminance color pencils

I just love this one, so nice, fresh and wintery ❤ Not that the finished piece itself is perfect, but there are things I love about this one, it makes me happy.

I used water colors to lay most of the colors and then I started fine tuning with Luminance Pencils (Caran d’Ache Luminance 6901). The luminance set has quite many ‘pastel’, lighter shades so it was good for this painting with pale complexion.

I used (before starting to paint) masking fluid to protect the necklace and made the snow on the hair and clothes by sprinkling drops of the fluid all over. I also used Sakura Gelly Roll for a few white highlights in the end.

Final piece, work in progress and the finished piece on my desk with some of the last used equipment:

Jillian – water colors and Polychromos color pencils

Same drill, first mainly water colors to lay down colors and then detailing using color pencils. On this one I chose to use Polychromos pencils (Faber-Castell Polychromos). This color set has more saturated colors than the Luminance set I have.

I used masking fluid on the earrings before starting to paint. As final tweaking I used to the jewellery the silvery color from my Gansai Tambi set (White Gold, 906) and also Sakura Gelly Roll for a few white highlights.

I could have made the colors slighty more darker in this one but I did not dare to work anymore on the paper. It buckled quite bad in first wash and the surface did not take much of any kind of reworking (e.g. multiple washes, blending the edges or trying to pull colors to lighten back areas).

Final piece, work in progress and finished piece on my desk with some of the last used equipment:

All images have been posted also to Sktchy app and models are linked there to their original images.

pst. I did not bother cleaning or organizing stuff on my desk, but I figured it would be anyway nice to see what I use in what setting. Pics are after last steps, just after the final tweaking, so most of water color equipment has been put out of the way.


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  1. They are all very beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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