Life drawing (29.3. – 30.3.2019)


A few pics from life drawing sessions. Both were made with charcoal and the latter has green water colored background and
derwent XL charcoal 

was used in the white highlights and background darker parts. First was a longer pose (20min) and in the latter the each pose was drawn in two rounds, first some drafting and in second round checking the light and shadows in place. Before these we did also a 20min round of quick croquis also (1,5min-2min per pose).

Drawing on a massive paper is quite a challenge, just to get the proportions and really should be stepping away more to see the piece further away. In addition to massive paper the tilt also can cause some distortion. But anyway, it was fun to get to basics and measuring the target from life. (measuring the same distances over and over again)

Paper in both: Litoposter 72×104 (90g)


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